Keep Calm & Bake On

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For the foodie in your life!

The jar alone is reason enough to fall in love with this gift set but if you have a foodie in your life or you love to cook, bake, make herbal infused drinks then this is the set for you!

This jar holds 1 oz of culinary grade lavender buds that are grown using beyond organic methods and are certified naturally grown. It will make anywhere from 12-20 recipes (with a recipe calling for 1 tblsp of lavender). 

Our Melissa buds are by far the most popular due to their rich and delicate flavor. 

It is paired with a beautiful soap (will be any one of our 6 soap options*) and our essential oil to encourage great hygiene and low stress. 



*If you'd like a specific soap please put your selection in the notes.


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