Buy a Farm Laborer a 4 course Meal - OCT 24th

Honor those who provide for us through work that is tough on the body and often involves long hours outside in the elements during the hot California summers. 

Without the labor and people who tend to the crops dinners like these and meals we eat around the world would not be possible. 

So orale! Let's treat these kings and queens accordingly with the reverence and gratitude they don't ever ask for but deeply deserve. 

The cost of a ticket is $100 but please donate whatever you can and feel called to give!

Any remaining funds will go to purchasing Araceli Farms products to take home with them.


Funds after that will be donated to Kids In Need Of Defense (KIND) to ensure that no migrant child appears in immigration court alone by providing free high-quality legal representation.!/donation/checkout


All donations are final sale

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