Gather + Flow : Nourish

A day of invigorating nourishment to re-focus and tackle any obstacles this year may bring with a community of power house women.

Jan 19th from 10-3pm

We will be leading you through exercises to help you reach goals and to focus in on key components that make all the difference.

The day will be lead by Justina of Araceli Farms, Angie of Afro Yoga and Nicole a practicing therapist and Mental Health Professional.

We will take our experiences and guide you through a day of meeting your future self, exploring where you hold stress and how to manage it, yummy snacks, mental health and wellness work with Nicole and we are offering up a change in perspective to propel you into this year! 


If this sounds like you come surround yourself with positivity, challenge your perspective a leave with a sense of RELIEF and motivation.



Ticket Pricing:

$65 3rd-10th

$75 11th-17th



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