Moving out of the scarcity mindset *virtual workshop*

Join us as we discuss how to stay positive during this time while being effective.

We will discuss alternatives to paper towels, makeup wipes, dryer sheets, how to create your own hand sanitizers and discuss how to minimize stress and keep a positive outlook.

For this workshop it will only be available to locals IF you want supplies. If not you are more than welcome to join! 

There will be 2 choices when it comes to tickets:

- $10 if you want to participate but don't need supplies

- $40 if you want to participate and want supplies mailed to you

Supplies include:

- Lavender Hydrosol, Essential Oil, Re-usable Cotton Facial Round and Aloe Vera

- ** This needs to be ordered by March 27th and you have to be local to Davis, Sacramento or Dixon


Limited seats available as this is meant to be intimate to foster connection and discussion.






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