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Rose Smudge


√ Farmed Sage

√ Ethically Harvested

√ Locally Sourced

Cultural Importance:

It's important for us to acknowledge the history of smudging and also point out that our sage is not ceremonial grade - in my understanding sage for ceremonial should not be purchased but foraged or gifted.

Smudging is a Native American ritual that links smoke with spirituality in remarkable ways.

This is a common ceremonial ritual among indigenous people, held closely within these cultures to purify, spiritually cleanse, rid physical spaces of negative energy, and bless. So, whether you are a Native American yourself, or simply want to know more about Native American Culture to expand your horizons, then click here to continue reading.


  • Sage – Sage, both Saliva Apiana (white sage) and Salvia Officinalis (common sage) are healing herbs used. The term “Salvia” comes from the Latin word “salvare,” which means “to feel healthy and well and healing.” Both white sage and common sage are also used to offer strength, clarity, wisdom, and often represent the maternal lineage of women.
  • Cedar – Cedar is popular for cleaning and purifying, eliminating the evil spirits within people and objects to remediate balance. Burning cedar is also used to promote positivity and deeply connect humans to the spiritual world.

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    Mindful Harvest & Processing:

    It is so important to know where your sage is coming from, so much so I have wondered if I should sell Sage as to not promote it - but it is a favorite at the farm, is farmed ethically in Fresno, CA and l want to spread awareness that you should know where like everything your products are coming from.

    We ask and task you that with the purchase and enjoyment of this herb you spread the message that Sage should not be sold in mass, it is very precious and crucially important plant that we need to protect. If not for the environment for the respect of Native American and the importance it plays in their culture.

    We offer this perspective of a Native American: Read Here


    The bundles are wrapped tightly together when they are fresh and left to dry. While it is common to burn a bundle at once we suggest untying it and burning it leaf by leaf to prevent any waste and to really savor the sage.



    Ethically Farmed and Harvested Sage


    Fragrance Transparency. US law does not require that companies be transparent about the ingredients in fragrance/parfum. We fully disclose our ingredients to you (not hidden behind the word "fragrance", which is the norm). All ingredients are included in the section above.