Okay, so by now I am sure you are ready for this to be "over."

As I drive down empty streets I find myself wondering, “what if this is the new norm?” While I think most people are ready to get back to it, I also think many have been finding joy and fulfillment with a simplified life (if you're home with a few kids maybe you're laughing at that statement.)  What does going back to normal mean? Was our "normal" working for you? Viruses are absolutely everywhere and accelerated mobility, increasing population density, viral/antibiotic resistance, commercial agriculture (crowded animals where disease spreads like wildfire and lack of proper nutrients AND in turn damages the environment), etc. etc. are major factors in why a pandemic is probably going to be more common than not. Unless we learn and respond intuitively. 

I wrote a lot and did a lot of erasing for this post. I talked about the importance of a local economy, how interconnected we all are and tons more. But, a lot of words feel overwhelming right now. And as I looked at all the words and not much of a flow I realized it was a great representation of where my head is right now..If you've opened up your phone at any point i'm sure you, too, are inundated with WAY too much information. Though, I did see one thing that inspired me to keep it short and sweet. 

"I think that when the dust settles, we will realize how little we need, how much we actually have, and the true value of human connection." 

Like all great things on the internet tracking a source was difficult and led me back to @therealblacc1 so that's as much credit as I can give that lovely quote. 

But it sums up perfectly what I wanted to say. I will definitely expand on this, mainly touching base on the importance of a local economy but for now let's leave it at that. 

And as a bonus to this post , I'll leave you with a little something fun!


DIY Room Spritz


- 3/4 cup of Araceli Farms Lavender Hydrosol

- 2 Tbsp of Alcohol (vodka, rubbing or an alcohol extract/infusion)

- 15 drops of Araceli Farms Lavender Oil (or any blend of oils you may like)


Mix up and place in a glass spray bottle! Feel free to adjust this recipe as it is very forgiving! Always test it out on a small patch of fabric before spraying liberally. You may need to shake it a little before each use!



  • Rico G said:

    Thanks for sharing this piece. Reminded me how fortunate I am during this hectic year. Also I appreciated the DIY tip at the end. Thank you!

    October 04, 2021

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