My Life Among the Flowers


Lavender Varietals

December 24, 2020
We grow 7 different lavender varietals on our farm. Each one has it's own distinct aroma, benefit and uses. There are two main species that we grow. Species Lavandula x Intermedia Commonly known a...
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The Origins of Lavender

December 01, 2020
The origin of Lavender is believed to be from the Mediterranean, Middle East and India. Its history goes back some 2500 years. Lavender is a flowering plant of the mint family known for its beauty,...
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In *this time* Part 2

April 15, 2020
Okay, so by now I am sure you are ready for this to be "over." As I drive down empty streets I find myself wondering, “what if this is the new norm?” While I think most people are ready to get back...
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In *this time* Part 1

April 01, 2020
This post will be far from perfect - it honestly may just be me rambling about all the things my brain is trying to process...something i've noticed about myself is I try and put things off for the...
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Are you sick of the "C" word yet?

March 25, 2020
I'm torn.... As the days go by I feel anxiety shining through a bit. Poking and prodding, trying to get me to think of the “what if- .”  I am torn because part of me wants to avoid talking about th...
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Valentine's Day - You don't have to say YES

February 05, 2020
Don’t end up resenting buying a Valentine’s day gift for you sweet! For those of you that walk into a store and question the massive commercialization of Valentine’s day let me give you a few tips....
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Let's Get Intentional

January 16, 2020
I have planned our year out (or at least what I think it will look like until LIFE happens) and it is now available on our site and events will continue to...
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