Reserve the field for an intimate setting for an hour.

Unlike our "open" hours booking a photography session guarantees a more private setting. During our private hours we only allow 4 clients/groups to book. 

The lavender is in bloom mid May-June


Photographers - $80/hr PER client  

Groups - $ 400 /hr (up to FIVE people - if you have more in your party contact us)

Mini Sessions: $380 /hr (up to 4 clients)


Book a private session IF:

  • You are a photographer charging a client to take photos. 1 session is good for PER client. I.E: if your photographing a family and they are paying you as 1 client and you need just 1 hour than that is considered "one client" You do not need to book for the entire family unless each member is being charged for the shoot or needs more than an hour. 
  • You are a group of people who can’t make it to our open hours or don’t want to deal with crowds. 
  • You want to make sure no one is in your photo.
  • You are charging someone to take a photo. 
  • You are being charged to get your photo taken.
  • If you are charging a client, are a client being charged, any extensive, for-profit photo shoot which utilizes professional camera equipment (multiple lenses, sun reflectors, tripod, etc.) requires a private reservation. We reserve the right to refuse unscheduled photo shoot which we deem as for profit or professional.

This is what you need to do:

  1. Check for availability on desired date
  2. Select the right product group - photographer reservation or group reservation
  3. Book (your reservation will not be held if you have not paid prior to your visit.)

If you want a guaranteed reservation please follow these steps. Many emails, texts and calls come in. The only way to confirm is through our online portal. 

When you arrive at the farm we will check your reservation, sign a contract, take a card on file in case you want to extend your time - this will also help us guarantee that the right reservation was chosen and we will also have our shop open for you! No crowds, no lines :)

Some Notes: 

Bloom season is mid May to mid June (exact bloom time will depend on weather)

If you want to see what it looked like last year to estimate what it might look like this year check out our highlight “2020 bloom” on instagram:

*We do not provide a photographer but we can definitely recommend some

**If you are interested in renting the farm out for a private event please contact

*Due to the size of our field and to keep sessions affordable there may be 4 bookings during the same time period. If you want the field to yourself make sure you book the time slot you’d like FOUR times.

Upon arrival you will check in, sign a contract and leave a card on file.

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