Araceli Farms is a lavender farm located on the outskirts of Dixon, CA. 

My parents have had the property for about 20 years but this journey of farming is all new. In 2017 with the help of a large crew Justina and Araceli organized and took part in planting 6 acres of lavender!

Alongside the lavender we have a big beautiful barn and a community behind us that believes in leading with heart and purpose. 

Quick break to give you some fast facts:

  • 6 acres of lavender, with 7 varietals
  • Woman of Color owned and operated.
  • Sustainable - the way we farm, source our products, packages our products and manage our events.
  • Venue
  • We distill our own essential oils and hydrosols.
  • Certified Naturally Grown

Transparency and accessibility are at the core of our business. Our farm works hard to be a haven that fosters acceptance, sharing of knowledge and growth to all those in the community.

As for our story, there is so much to say - it’s hard to find the perfect words to describe the complexities, sacrifices, privileges and blessings that have lined the path of this adventure.

When you stroll through our lavender fields, smell the flowers, pamper yourself with our products, picnic on the grounds or stroll through our social media you’ll start to feel the pulse of what we are all about. 

    We are a lavender farm with purpose. A place to come find community who value growth, acceptance, and respecting the natural world.

    We cannot wait for you to experience the beautiful community that our patrons aka YOU have fostered and made possible here.




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