Is your farm open to the public?

No, we are by reservation only. We open in June during our Lavender bloom.
Please keep in mind we also live on the property so when we are not open to the public on posted times we ask you respect that. Thank you!


Shipping Policies & Returns:

Shipping -

Please allow 5-9 days for your order to be processed. Keep in mind we are not amazon prime :) we are a very small team so plan ahead if you need your orders ASAP.

We ship using USPS Priority Mail.

Returns -

Returns can be made for store credit.

If there is an issue with a product please let us know within 24-48 hours upon delivery. After that we will not accept a return. USPS or any other service will provide us with a tracking number that will confirm the day that you received the product. That is the only date that we will go off of to determine if your return is eligible.

*No food items or raw materials (lavender bundles or buds) may be returned

You (buyer) will be responsible for shipping cost for returns. If the item sent back has been opened and we deem it unfit for a return you will be responsible for any monetary losses.

Cancellations -

We do not accept cancellations of orders.

If you've made a mistake on an order please email BOTH



and we will do our best to correct the mistake but we can not guarantee anything.


All ticket sales are FINAL SALE. No refunds, exchanges, or time changes.

Miscellaneous Refund Requests

The weather is bad, can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds due to poor weather conditions. All sales are final and all events are rain or shine.

If you made a reservation and due to unforeseen circumstances we need to shut down during the time slot you reserved we will still honor our final sale policy. However, we will offer you store credit or an option to change your reservations.


With climate change and the pandemic - predicting circumstances, staffing accordingly and operating events in this era is a challenge. A ton of prep work and hours go into the event weeks before it happens and it makes refunding ticket sales not sustainable.

Responsibility -

Once USPS has received the package we are not responsible for any damages, losses, theft or stolen packages. We will provide you with all the information we can to help you file a claim:



Where are you Located?

We are located in the beautiful Sacramento Valley of California.

7389 Pitt School Rd.

Dixon, CA

Please enter on Midway Road.


Is there Parking on the Farm?

Yes! When you enter on Midway you will see the two designated areas where cars are to be parked.


May I Walk the Fields?

Of course. We are open by reservation only so please make sure that you've booked your ticket!

We ask that you respect the plants. Do not cut any flowers, avoid stepping over plants and take caution to not walk on our irrigation lines!

If you are bringing your fur baby please carry them or don't bring them into the field.


May I take Pictures While on you Farm?

Most definitely!  We hope you will take lots of pictures and enjoy the beauty of the farm. If you are a photographer charging for a session or you are being charged for a session you need a private reservation not a Farm Visit reservation.

Book a private session IF:

- You are a photographer charging a client to take photos. 1 session is good for ONE client. (no mini sessions!! see below for what to do about mini sessions)

- You are a group of people who can’t make it to our open hours or don’t want to deal with crowds.

- You want to make sure no one is in your photo.

- You are charging someone to take a photo.

- You are being charged to get your photo taken.

- You are using professional equipment (multiple lenses, sun reflectors, etc.)

If you are visiting us and just want to snap some photos with your friends or family go for it! Any not-for profit photography is okay!

If you capture a photo you love please share it on social media so your friends and family can also enjoy your adventure.  

We are a family business so we ask you to please not take photos of the private areas such as the house and the family yards.

What type of Lavender do you have?

Currently we have 7 different varieties of lavender planted.  They are: Grosso, Provence, White Spike, Royal Velvet, Violet Intrigue, Folgate, and Melissa.


Do you have bees on the Farm?

We do not have any hives on the farm but the bees do love the lavender. You will see and hear many of them in the fields!


When does the lavender bloom?


Since we have 7 different varieties on site the lavender blooms at different times.

To see our culinary varietals in bloom you will want to come mid May-early June. These are the smaller plants that offer a range of color - pink, purple and white.

If you are after our large purple plants then you will want to come in June.

** Again this is all dependent on the weather! In 2023 we saw a lot of rain and milder weather which delayed the bloom about 2 weeks


Do you allow dogs on the farm?

Yes! We love dogs and animals. We ask if you bring your pet you please:

- clean up after your pet

- do not take the animal inside the barn 

- be careful with bees and make sure they have enough water!

- please carry your dog when you are in the lavender field