About Justina

About JustinaWell one thing is that I am a big overthinker. So much so that summarizing myself may be one of the trickiest things to do. So in regards to the business? Just know that I love what I do, I love the ability to serve others through living a purpose driven mission. It’s so much more than growing a crop, it’s building a community and sharing the space you have created with others.

I am so many things and it morphs daily, I pour so much into myself into what I do leaving bits and pieces scattered along that if you need it you can pick up and indulge in. Whether it’s in our products or when you visit.

I hope that when you visit the farm, our social media, read comments or use one of our products you get to know me a bit better, you feel the warmth of the love and intention gone in to it all and how humbled I am to have earned your time and energy.

— Justina Salinas, Owner

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