Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender Essential Oil

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√ Limited Batch

√ No Synthetic Fragrances

√ Steam Distilled

√ Glass Packaging

√ Compostable Labels



Due to the high concentration of Essential Oils and the amount of plant matter we always advise that they be used sparingly and respectfully!

Great for any aromatic purposes, and a great addition to any recipe for lotions, balms, mix with a carrier oil and take it on the go!

We love to put a few drops of our essential oil mixed with our hydrosol to refresh the house or to put in our diffuser.

Avoid direction contact with skin, eyes, mouth, hair and do not ingest (ignore all the things those MLM's tell ya!)


Aromatic: Lavender has been beloved for centuries for its ability to uplift the spirits and relax mind, body and spirit.

Mindful Harvest & Processing:

It takes 3lbs of fresh lavender to create 10ml of Essential Oil. So we use them sparingly to respect the plants and because of how concentrated essential oils are.

Essential oils are a plants way of communicating - attracting pollinators and many other uses. It is magical that we are able to extract and use their oil and we do not take that privilege lightly!

We steam distill the lavender fresh from our field. This Essential oil is from our Grosso - Lavandula x Intermedia and was distilled in 2021

We let our oil age in glass bottles tucked away in the dark so that it can mellow in aroma for you.


We package our oils in glass bottles and the only item that is plastic is the fitting and cap which we wish were different but so far we haven't found a work around!

Our labels are compostable which means that both the label itself and the dye can be turned to soil (humus)n with minuscule amounts of toxicity or heavy metals compared to what is out there!



100% Lavandula x Intermedia Essential Oil


Fragrance Transparency. US law does not require that companies be transparent about the ingredients in fragrance/parfum. We fully disclose our ingredients to you (not hidden behind the word "fragrance", which is the norm). All ingredients are included in the section above.

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