Araceli Farms is located on the outskirts of Dixon, CA. We have had the property for about 20 years but just now began our journey in farming it ourselves. After years of city living we are ready to build and share our farm. With that being said it led us to plant our first crop of lavender in April of 2017. 

Transparency and accessibility is at the core of our business. We hope that our farm can become a haven that fosters acceptance, sharing of knowledge and growth to all those in the community.

Our goal is to grow high quality lavender and produce handmade, all-natural products for our customers to enjoy. 

To combat the daily exposure to chemicals and toxins in our day to day, we are going back to basics with the mantra “less is more.” We are committed to providing you with entirely pure products — ones you can pronounce and recognize. We source all of our raw materials and plants from people we know, love, and trust. We never use chemicals or pesticides in our production process, from the field to our products.

Beginning in 2018, we will be opening the farm to visitors to enjoy the lavender fields and harvest your own fresh bundles. Here you’ll find the 7 varieties of lavender we have on the farm: Grosso, Provence, White Spike, Royal Velvet, Violet Intrigue, Folgate, and Melissa. 

The gist of what we are saying is... we grow lavender sustainably, maintained with hand labor. We create products in a way that we can feel good about so you can use them knowing they're safe, healthy, and beautifully natural. 


We hope to see you soon!