We grow 7 different lavender varietals on our farm. Each one has it's own distinct aroma, benefit and uses. There are two main species that we grow.


Lavandula x Intermedia

Commonly known as lavandin. Lavandin is the name for a variety of lavender that comes from a cross of English and spike lavender. Many of these varieties are highly recommended for producing commercial oil and dried bundles. It is also a very popular garden plant because the oil is of lesser quality that (Angustifolias) due to the presence of high camphor, a white transparent waxy crystalline solid with a pungent odor. The yields from these varieties are up to 10 times more than other varieties. In addition, lavandins are very hardy with a flowering period from early July to late August.

Lavandula x Angustifolia

The Lavandula Angustifolia lavender species is the most recommended and valued of all lavenders because of the high quality oil produced by the plants. The oils can be used in perfume and cosmetics. The species medicinal properties include everything from alleviating stress, headaches and insomnia to reducing fevers. Its flowering period is from mid June to late July.


1. Provence Lavandin

Lavandula x Intermedia Provence

Zone 5 to 9

This variety is also known as French lavender and is one of the largest lavandins. Provence features very long, dense and full spikes that are wonderful for fresh bouquets, lavender wands, potpourri and culinary purposes. The aroma is milder and sweeter than other lavenders.

2. Grosso Lavandin

Lavandula x Intermedia Grosso

Zone 5 to 9

Grosso is a commercial, all-purpose plant that is very hardy. Its long stems are excellent for dried bouquets and potpourris. Because Grosso is such a high-yielding plant, it has become the most widely used lavender variety for oil production in the world.

3. Royal Velvet Lavender

Lavandula x Angustifolia Royal Velvet
Zone 5 - 9

This variety is a small to medium-sized plant. It is one of the best Lavandula angustifolias. Its deep purple flowers and foliage are highly aromatic. It is a great oil producer and excellent for culinary uses. Royal Velvet is an all-purpose plant that is one of the best selling lavender plants.

4. Violet Intrigue Lavender

Lavandula x Angustifolia Violet Intrigue
Zone 5 - 9

A hybrid of two strong English lavenders which results in long stems. It has improved humidity tolerance, very upright habit, and deep purple color that holds up even in the hottest summer. Lavendula Violet Intrigue has a high oil content which results in a strong fragrance.

5. Folgate Lavender

Lavandula x Angustifolia Folgate
Zone 6 - 11

This English lavender is one of the best oil producers and is considered the best for producing high-yield crops for culinary uses, etc. Folgate is a tiny bush with narrow, small leaves.


6. Melissa Lavender

Lavandula x Angustifolia Melissa
Zone 6 - 9

This variety features tightly compact pink and white spikes that bloom longer than other pink lavender plants. It can be used for ornamental or hedging purposes or for a variety of culinary uses.

7. White Spike Lavandin

Lavandula x intermedia White Spike
Zone 6 to 9

This variety features white, highly fragrant blossoms that are excellent in both fresh and dried arrangements. Plants bloom in mid summer and provide great contrast in landscaped areas. This variety is also excellent for culinary products.

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