Witchy Ways to Use Lavender this Fall

Witchy Ways to Use Lavender this Fall

burn it
Tap into your inner bruja! Smudge sticks are an easy way to burn our lavender - available in the shop now. Herbs like lavender, sage, eucalyptus, rose and cedar are harvested with intention, dried and tied up for you to burn and ward off those negative energies in your space. You can also burn lavender alone (cue safety warning - only burn a small amount at a time and never leave anything unattended and use common sense when you burn anything!). Take some dried buds, stems or whatever you have, and find a fire safe bowl or dish. Abalone shell is not only beautiful but a favorite for most. Carefully light your pile of lavender and let it burn down. If you happen to be burning your lavender outside, the smoke will keep mosquitos away as well. Just like those negative energies - who are unwelcome and must go.


hang it to ward off the evil spirits
As folklore says, hanging a bundle of lavender above your door will ward off the evil spirits! I say yes to that. But wait, we can do it bigger. Consider a fall wreath made of lavender (why, yes of course we sell those - made to order) or styling some in a vase near your entryway. Let’s double up on this because 1. lavender is cute, fill up your whole house with it and 2. we’re headed into spooky season and do we really want to meet a ghost? As much as we love Casper, Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus we are going to say HARD PASS on that.

Hanging Lavender

diffuse it
simply inhale, exhale - diffuse it while you do something spiritual for yourself. You can meditate, journal or pull some cards. Maybe start your morning off by setting an intention, giving gratitude or saying some affirmations and letting the smell of lavender be a reminder of that for you throughout the day. The smell can awaken you or calm you - take what you need. Holding space for yourself today would be magic.

add it to your cauldron
You’ll need a cauldron (or pot) and some inspired ingredients you can collect in your yard, neighborhood or around the house - including lavender of course! Add your herbs or flowers that you love to the pot with some water. Herbs commonly used to cleanse the air and energy are rosemary, nutmeg, cinnamon, juniper and orange! There are so many other things you can choose to add to your potion, we’ll let you be creative and intuitive with your choices. A fun tip: pick what calls to you and look up what the meaning/magical properties of that ingredient to see if it makes sense for you - kind of like a reading but with herbs :) Once you’ve collected your ingredients you’ll let your mixture come to a boil and then simmer on low for however long you’d like - adding water as it boils down. Enjoy the calming effects and smells. If you choose to add dry ice to it after it cools down later that is totally up to you - but we’re definitely going to give it a go!

Simmer Pot

bathe in it
lavender is an adaptogen
which is: a nontoxic substance [and especially a plant extract] that is held to increase the body's ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote or restore normal physiological functioning, according to Merriam Webster that is! AKA it promotes your bodies ability to restore balance.
So get in your bathtub or shower and give your body some time to heal! I personally think that is the most witchy thing you can do. Get some candles lit and 5-6 drops of essential oil is all you’ll need! Float in that water and soak in the benefits of lavender for your body. If you prefer to shower, drop some in your shampoo or body wash. You’ll smell good after too! Look out for our upcoming post on making yourself the perfect lavender infused bath for inspo!

Herbal Bath



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