I have planned our year out (or at least what I think it will look like until LIFE happens) and it is now available on our site https://www.aracelifarms.com/pages/events and events will continue to be added. This is a huge accomplishment because the past few years of growing this business I couldn’t plan a week ahead, yet alone prep for the year. Now that I somewhat know what to expect it allows me to plan - in turn giving me more time to be intentional - more proactive, instead of reactive.



I want to highlight the word INTENTIONAL. It is something I have found myself saying over and over again in conversation lately.


The first few years I was so focused on making this dream work. Paying the bills, making it self-sustaining, letting people know we are here, figuring out packaging, labels, sales, soil tests, irrigation ETC ETC… While this is all still very much in the works, constantly on the go, go, go and still learning more and more each day I do feel like am finding the strength in stillness. I feel the opportunity and am allowing myself to slowwww dowwn. (Which sometimes if you catch me running errands you can audibly hear me telling myself “Slow down Justina, slowww down.”)  Pause a bit, to make sure that all I am working for is heading in a direction that I am proud of. With that being said I am all about being intentional right now. In my planning, my events, in my follow through all while remaining true to the beauty of simplicity.


Araceli Farms has always been about simplicity, in packaging, ingredients, and everything we stand for. There is immense beauty in seeing something in its simplest form, and recognizing all the life happening under your feet and all around you in nature -all of the growth. One of the most prominent things that we do at the farm is growing.


The growth doesn’t just end in the field, it’s extended to you. We want to continue to grow our community, its members and give you resources to foster that, and help all find and bask in the glory of simplicity.


Which is why I am so excited to host and lead the first of many installments of Gather + Flow alongside Angie of @afroyogabyangie and Nicole Carter of @msnicole_c


This series of workshops will have many topics - what they will all have in common is women gathering together to grow, play, learn while creating a community.



Now when I first thought of putting something like this on I was so nervous. How am I qualified to lead you through this workshop?! What do I even say? People won’t take me seriously because I am too young. It’s not directly related to lavender… all that crazy chatter that goes on up there. Over time though I realized that my experiences and insights that I had shared were always well received and even if it were just a few people it really gave me the boost to say YES. I also knew I needed to follow through with this nagging voice in my head pushing me to share my story more. So here I am following through and getting it going and I couldn’t have dreamt for a better pair to do this with than Angie and Nicole.


;Gather + Flow

In putting this together the ease and flow of it all was so beautiful. I kept thinking shouldn’t this feel like work? Angie had a beautiful response when she said “nope! it can be this easy, it should be this easy.” We were all on the same page, we all want to leave you feeling relieved and focused. Focused on empowering ALL women. Excited to create, to grow, to create a community.


Your enthusiasm to be apart of this makes it all SO much more exciting. Tickets have gone out the door SO QUICK. When I shared with Angie and Nicole how we only had a few tickets left Nicole said:


“Congratulations on following through with your idea!  What a great feeling to know you honored the inspiration that came to you and it will help those that resonate with the signal emitting from your heart space!!”


Did I tell you how lucky I feel to be working with these women or whaaaat? So come get some of this goodness and if you don’t make it this time around Gather + Flow is just getting started.



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