Valentine's Day - You don't have to say YES

Valentine's Day - You don't have to say YES

Don’t end up resenting buying a Valentine’s day gift for you sweet! For those of you that walk into a store and question the massive commercialization of Valentine’s day let me give you a few tips...


  • Don’t give into the pressure of having to spend loads of cash on a lavish gift!!
  • SKIP IT. Peer pressure usually results in a negative experience. So, exercise that “NO” muscle and say “No, not today!”
  • DIY it, pinterest the shit out of a homemade gift or meal, give someone your TIME, if you’re being sincere what can go wrong?!

Get creative with the resources that are available to you and have fun with it.

For you die hard romantics that want to relish in this “oooneee” day of love here are some tips for you!

  • Donate to a charity in someone’s name
  • Indulge in an experience that you both can do together - a class, workshop, spa, etc
  • Create your own fun! A scavenger hunt, a fort and a movie, the possibilities are endless.
  • Did I mention Shop Local, Shop small ?! :)


This is where I shamelessly tell you that we are open this weekend from 10-2pm Saturday and Sunday and on the 14th from 2-5:30pm! We will be a one stop shop with cards by Balsam & Olive, Bath and Body Products, Lavender Cooking Products and flowers and wreaths! But really besides plugging myself in here if you want gift someone a gift with meaning get it from a place where you can chat with the owner, make a difference, get a gift that is not mass produced and support a great local economy. So much good with just one purchase. 

Here are some of my favorites:


  • Balsam & Olive: Cards/Art/Stationary 
  • Miche Niche: Eco/Zero-Waste goods
  • Davis Co-Op: So many LOCAL goodies they do a great job at sourcing very locally!
  • Barn & Pantry: Coffee, delicious sweets, local goods
  • Terra Cottage: Local cute shop in Folsom and Roseville
  • Sacramento Co-Op: Their wellness department is my favorite.
  • Old Gold: Thrift/Vintage Heaven
  • Covet Leather Goods: Local handmade leather goods. I use mine EVERYDAY.
  • PXC Jewelry: Super delicate and fun/funky earrings.
  • Noelle Walsh Jewelry: Art Deco, super original pieces. 
  • Raggedy Tiff: Eclectic original apparel and accessories
  • Dixon Florist: Gorgeous florals and a gift shop that will leave you with your own "I WANT" list
  • Mahogany and Rose: for all the ladies in your life with curly/textured hair.
  • All Spicery: for the cook in your family!
  • Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates: Farm sourced chocolate. Need I say more?



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  • Wow I wish I lived in CA so I could visit these shops! What a dreamy list.


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