Bomb Balm

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Bomb Balm

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√ Limited Batch

√ No Synthetic Fragrances

√ High Quality & Locally Sourced Oils

√ Compostable Tubes



What originally started out as a lip balm has now turned into our multi-use BOMB balm. Why? Because you all were buying multiple at a time for all sorts of different uses. So we packaged it up in a larger tube and gave it a proper name.


Aromatic: Lavender has been beloved for centuries for its ability to uplift the spirits and relax mind, body and spirit.

Moisturizing: While moisturizing it also acts as an anti-inflammatory, and adds a layer of protection for your skin. It has the ability to soothe pain caused by dryness and dehydration. Paired with our blends of essential oils these tubes are packed with powerful moisturizing properties.

Mindful Harvest & Processing:

It takes 3lbs of fresh lavender to create 10ml of Essential Oil. So we use them sparingly to respect the plants and because of how concentrated essential oils are.

We source the other oils as locally as possible.


The paper tube we package them in is compostable!

  • Push up on tube from the bottom carefully and slowly.
  • Use as needed
  • Put Cap on!
Due to it's larger size on average this tube lasts 2-3 months



    Regular: Beeswax, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Essential Oils

    SPF: Beeswax, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Zinc Oxide, Essential Oils



    Fragrance Transparency. US law does not require that companies be transparent about the ingredients in fragrance/parfum. We fully disclose our ingredients to you (not hidden behind the word "fragrance", which is the norm). All ingredients are included in the section above.

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